I'm Kelsey VanDerStarre - owner and operator of

Vanderstarre Cakes.


Originally from Vancouver - Canada I found my way to Devon, very coincidentally, 9 years ago.

I'm from a family of food lovers and have been very hungry, almost continually, from a young age - I previously aspired to be a food journalist, but am far too fidgety to sit behind a desk, so instead found my way into the kitchen..


Not long after I moved to Devon, I scored a job as a trainee chef at Riverford Organic Farm and cooking became my meal ticket.


I've been cooking professionally since then. After 3 years training, I became the head chef of Riverford's staff canteen and was charged to feed 150 staff a seasonal & 100% organic lunch - different every day.

This role became the perfect creative platform for me to express my love of food, learn the art of adaptability and of course, live in flavour.

Meanwhile... cakes were my private dreamland.

Colour, detail, design, methodology, precise execution - there was always an element to ponder, an idea to pursue & a skill to learn. I've made cakes for all occasions and no occcasions. It's a theraputic outlet and I love it.

.When I'm not bakin'?

You’ll find me digging in my gardening, painting bespoke furniture or researching art historical trivia.

I love checking out art galleries, museums & local gardens, they supply endless inspiration and bring me much joy. Music is an absolute must. Botanical painting is a great passion, as I am in love and in study with the natural world – so really, the closer I am in proximity to Kew Gardens, the better.

I share this fine life with my husband Adam (primary cake-consumer) and our two cats, Howard & Sock. They are the best.



'I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.'

-Georgia O'Keeffe

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